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  2. You mean she is all mouth and no action?
  3. I suppose an update to this thread is much needed. However, before proceeding in that direction, I would like to touch on one important thing; and that is 'lessons learned' 'Entrapment' comes in all forms and guises. In the case of women, one of them is to give you the man, something to pin you down. A child. It will appear as a request, a request where the woman will list all the reasons as to why she wants your baby. And last on the list will be an assurance from her that she will not bother you with funds for the upkeep of the kid. Oh BTW the first item on this list will be he husband cannot 'preg' her so she wants you to do this for her [well for the husband really] Update: We remain good friends - friends with benefits.
  4. Who else is watching this? We have a Ghanaian actor in it, who incidentally stars in Girls Trip [released recently] The contemporary drama Queen Sugar, set in Louisiana, chronicles the lives and loves of the estranged Bordelon siblings: Nova (Rutina Wesley, True Blood), a worldly-wise journalist and activist; Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Unforgettable), the savvy wife and manager of a professional basketball star; and Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe, Awkward), a formerly incarcerated young father in search of redemption. Read more:
  5. ....she already has two kids but wants a baby from me.. Wahala never ends in The Homeland!
  6. My Twi is not that brilliant, but I think I understood this to some extent...Very interesting. Enjoy.....
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