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  2. Yes. Am an old member who has come back to say hi. na mu hu ti sen?
  3. Good points, Sadia. I wonder, though: most of the reasons you give for marriages to fail are internal problems in the relationship: lack of intimacy, appreciation etc. Why would these things affect celebrities more than other with a busy life, carreer etc? Can we blame failed relationship to external causes, or should we find the fault in ourselves?
  4. Marriage is the beginning of the family and a lifetime commitment. It is also an opportunity to grow in selflessness as you serve your partner and your children. Marriage is much more than a physical union. It is also an emotional union of two people and two hearts. Marriage is a bond like no other. It gives a life partner, a friend to stand by you as you go through the challenges of life. The bond of marriage gives us the support to defeat that temptation by engaging in deep, satisfying love—a love that gives to, and receives from, our mate physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In view of this one has the right to ponder on how fast celebrities tie the knot and get divorced. Why do most celebrity marriages fail? No matter how much a couple loves each other, their marriage can fail for a good number of reasons. Below are the most common Extra marital affairs Losing interest Lost intimacy Shirking responsibilities Lack of appreciation In the case of celebrities, the failure of most of their marriages could be blamed on their fame. They do not have normal relationship like everyone. Every single detailed of their life as celebrities and married person is an open book, making it therefore difficult to handle issues in their marriages
  5. Please join our discussion on Saturday 7th of October! Let us know what you think about the theme of (celebrity) marriage, and the right and wrong reasons to tie the knot.
  6. Zulu, you made a comment 9 months ago and you were asked for clarification, is the above post your answer to it? It is you who is saying it is over and so kindly give us answers to your questions.
  7. Did anyone watch the opening race in Australia....? I was only able to listen to the live commentary, which is not a good as watching the race itself. I cannot afford to subscribe to SKY Sports. I do however know that there are some websites out there where one can watch F1 for free. Alonso's accident was quite scary.
  8. OK, now that "Dumsor is over", what do you guys have to say? Will you commend the government for resolving a difficult issue? "Dumsor is over" - can anyone confirm that this is a permanent fix.
  9. Hipic!!!!!! ....and as for you Moby, I reserve my comments. BTW Hipic, is it not time we introduced ourselves properly by have a conversation on the blower? Send me your digits and I will initiate the first call.
  10. Hello Belle, Thanks for "passing through" Hope you are well.....
  11. OK Ladies and Gents, you have been warned by Godspower...
  12. Let me guess..... Zulu, you are in the middle of the last one as I write! Correct?
  13. It's been ages.... thought I will pass through
  14. Last year, I invested in a Nikon D5500. This id my learning curve into the world of photography.
  15. Forum is still sweet. Had a chat with a sweet lady today and she also confirmed that this forum is very sweet!!
  16. 15 Books That Every Black Person Should Read
  17. Charlie !!! Posting sweet papa. things just happen smoothly. Well done Norinrad !!!!
  18. Dumsor has now taken over Ghana and playing games in all lives. It is slowly bringing the nation to a halt!
  19. ....she already has two kids but wants a baby from me.. Wahala never ends in The Homeland!
  20. How To Open A verified Paypal Account In Ghana This is a free info on how you can open and verify your PayPal account right here from Ghana. I believe anyone reading this must be familiar with PayPal. So i will not bother you with the introduction, i rather go straight to the reason why you came here. I have used this method to verify my PayPal Account and over 400 Ghanaian also use the method open and verified PayPal account in Ghana! PREREQUISITES: (1) An email: A free email like yahoo or Gmail email is okay. (2) A virtual private network or remote desktop vps to have a us ip,I recommend hidemyasspro or aminserver (3) A virtual US Bank Account from Go to www.vccghana.compaypall and buy the US virtual bank account the card will be sent to you in 24 hours time, you have to use this card within 24hrs. After the detail of the US Bank Account has arrived in your email go to www. PayPal. com to start your registration. Never do anything with PayPal with an IP of a country that paypal does not accept, so you have to use to use virtual private network or remote desktop server Click sign up in choose us as your country, Fill the other detail, you can use your normal name, type the email and password you want to be using for your PayPal account, use the address detail you have gotten above from fakenamegenerator to fill the form, the number in the address is the post code, put the city and the state and then put US as the country of citizenship. Fill every other part of the form and click sign up at the bottom. When you finish this session don’t go further, go straight to your email and confirm your email before coming back to put your virtual card. You still need to do two things 1. To confirm your email. 2. To verify your account by adding a bank account. You will need to hide your IP when you are accessing your email to confirm your PayPal email because by clicking the link PayPal sent to you, you will be re-directed to PayPal website and if you don’t hide your IP when accessing your email; PayPal will discover your real IP and limitation will be placed on your account. Login into your PayPal account and go ahead and click on the “Link and confirm my BANK ACCOUNT or Credit Card“to add the ADD THE BANK ACCOUNT and get verified. Don’t forget to hide your IP. Fill the form with the detail of the Card sent to your email. Account Number: fill the account number Routing Number: fill the routing number Bank Name: fill the bank name Type: Checking The bank account will be added to your account. IN SUMMARY: 1. Get email Address. 2. Get a virtual Bank Account from 3. Get a Us address 4. Get a virtual private network or VPS 5. Fill a PayPal personal account 6. Confirm your email 7. Add the us virtual bank account Still confuse watch our step by step video on how to open PayPal account in Ghana
  21. just say whatever you are doing right now eg: i'm drinking my beer after Italy beating Germany
  22. The new F1 season is about to start early next month. My team the reds(Ferrari)lost on all counts last season.So this season is going to be interesting.The new Mclaren looks like a gem. I think they should have won last season but bad luck was on their side.
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