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  1. hello Everyone I am now the Renewed Survivor.... Good to be back
  2. Hey Bula Matali.......OMG
  3. Congrats ma sister.. she is so cute.
  4. waiting
  5. Wow

    Hi Uncle.. kinda hectic.We all want a piece of cake u know, so we running around like headless chickens,heee.we getting there. U pple will be here to support ur national squad arent u?
  6. Am so proud of Ghana..... At least they made us Africans proud!! Cute hey. Was watching the game yesternite
  7. Wow

    I must congratulate ever1.. the forum page looks so different and cool!!!! Been away so long to find these changes!! I dont know how to post anymore. Good work guys! Missed you
  8. That will be good. She is really begining to annoy me. Sent me four messages already. Hi guys... been gone for a very long time and got this message from her also! Was wondering if i went for a sex change, lol!
  9. Well he didnt resign per se ... He was recalled The difference btw South Africans with other African countries is that they elect a president and "dispose of him"....lets not get much into that plse am trying not to be involved here!!! Guys thanx for your support. Am watching Man Un and Tottham tata
  10. Well Ewiase, it came to pass... Actually TM saw the rest of South Africans as stupid! He was the onli intellectual around here!! Well JZ has some mistakes but the guy is brilliant"thats what we think".. Politics I must say it was peaceful and everi1 went to cast their votes.
  11. Watch out Mr B.... you might not return to your crib once you touch them! You dont wanna risk that,do you?
  12. oooh sweet jesus and am36 DD geeeeeh!
  13. My point Excatly Cy..... I actually bought 2 pairs yesterday, not that i dont have black shoes, but the style this winter is bootlegs and they need different kinds of heels!!! What the heck! I shop as and when and really at the that time i prefer to be home cause i am the kind that goes with those horrible pains..
  14. good ones "onety one"shuuuuuu and what would twelve be!! Man some pple would be stuck in lower grades
  15. well, the "group dynamic phenomena" applies here... learning on's behavior, standing your ground.. blahblaaaa they should be exciting for more years to come if you intend being there forever. otherwise hang in there