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  1. Decided to sign in here again, I was going through some old posts from very long time ago, time before this forum existed.
  2. Hmmmm, Bula, there are many old men who don't sit so much... am a bit surprised if you never saw an article about "sitting is not healthy"... ok I know, you didn't say so...
  3. Still working on this. He feels he has no time, so I've asked him can't take a minute per day to study, and sometimes he does that... to teach is not the difficult part but to wait for someone to "have time"... he doesn't like "being pushed" in anything...
  4. Bula... don't you know it's unhealthy to sit too much? ;)
  5. That one I never asked him... should have asked... anyway I wouldn't have even touched it if he ever told me to...
  6. Huh! just two? You cannot be serious. Five at least, but 2 is just "wrong" Why would two be wrong? Sometimes when there's three, one will be left out... and five sounds like too many to me... but I wouldn't say it's wrong though, for some it may be perfect, just not for me...
  7. Hello SS, how are you? Long time. When next are you coming to Finland? Maybe next you can visit my village Don't worry, we have a fast internet connection though it's a village Hello DM! Nice to see messages from you too though we've not met. This forum needs more action It's great to come here still though, having a lot of memories...
  8. Thinking! How much my life has changed... just in a few years. Hmmmmmmm
  9. Heh... I never got to know the name of this medicine... or if it really exists... my ex still claims it exsists but he doesn't know the name... how weird is that...anyway I'm going to ask more, just remembered this today. Oh, those days in Cameroon... hmmmmm.
  10. Is anybody there? Is anyone reading the forum nowadays? Or is everyone busy on facebook?
  11. http://www.avaruusmies.com/vitsit/kuvat/84.html Hmmmmm a bad joke.
  12. I think too that our thinking and behaviour is influenced by our background, culture, experience in life, etc. So some experience made the guy say "you act like a Finnish citizen" (and he's the first person I hear using this, most foreingers in Finland like to call Finns "racists" if they don't like what we say or do...) I tried asking him, how does a "finnish citizen" behave, I never got a clear answer. The one who said it is not from a war torn country anyway... I think the country doesn't have to even be torn by war for its citizen to say what this guy said.
  13. So I've been hit with this by someone. OMG... I don't even know what to say. Life is not easy............................. Ahhh. When some people don't understand others, all they seem to come up with is, "you act like a citizen, you have too much power in this country" etc. (and I can say I did not, and that the person got me wrong in many many ways but he won't listen, no no no...) I have never cared, and will never care about, where someone is from, or what's the colour of their skin, and so on, but why do some people I meet, turn everything into "because you are an Europian, you think that..." I just keep getting the feeling I don't BELONG into this world.
  14. If you're brave
  15. I think he really wants to learn. Just that am not too sure how to teach him. He did study a Finnish course though (not sure how well though, I know those courses have very different learners), but since Finnish and English are different, he needs help with it. If he accepts me to teach him, then I don't see how it can still affect him? I don't know how to explain how muslim he is... he does pray 5 times a day and is serious about his religion and many other things. And I know I'm not perfect in English, because not everybody says they understand what I'm saying or writing, everytime. Anyway I just have to help him as much as I can