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  1. Greetings My Dear,

    I like your profile and i want us to be friends, email me at 'so that I can give you my picture. see you soon.


  2. interesting read , ope u`ll be fine.
  3. bent over
  4. Yaa you sound like a very knowledgeable heck of a girl, but you making your emotions get a better part of you. If you do a search of FAF`s posts, you’ll realized he virtually picks on everyone and anyone , that is what makes him FAF that is the character he has chosen to play in this forum. Its all up to you to voice your thoughts without getting upset about what someone else thinks, so far I think you`re doing good.
  5. babydoll !!!
  6. Am currently persuing my masters in Sanitation Engineering (MSc. Bolaman). Do watchout for me the next time the truck comes around.
  7. me too. Big up 2 you guys, great work so far.
  8. Bula, sorry for not responding earlier.... it is only now , i`m out of the danger zone. You see, i put the safe period thing to good use abt 2 or so weeks ago.All went fine but when ma girl`s period fail to start @ the expected time man had 2 just chok it n think.Anyway, her period just start 2day....nearly 8 days over due. So i guess it was quite a useful advice.But still have 2 find out what seem 2 have caused the delay. And ideas?
  9. So u`re leavin 4 real? :miss:
  10. OTTAWA (Reuters) - A Ghanaian-registered Boeing 747 cargo jet crashed and exploded on take off from Halifax airport in eastern Canada on Thursday, most likely killing all seven crew on board, local police and media said. Police said 20 fire engines were still battling a blaze in the wreckage, part of which ended up in a rock quarry close to the end of the runway. The MK Airlines jet had been heading for Spain with a cargo of fish and lobster. "Right now we're trying to determine if it got off the runway or if it stayed on the runway before the crash actually took place," a police spokesman told reporters, saying it was highly unlikely any of the crew survived. An MK Airlines spokesman could not provide any details of the crash. "We have no details at the moment. All we can confirm is that the plane has crashed," the spokesman told Reuters. The airport was shut down after the accident and remains closed. SOURCE:
  11.,such a pervert!!
  12. for me i dey mind my own business ooooooooo :gui:
  13. Oh nana, why? We want hear it. PLS!
  14. Prozac ruined it badly..
  15. ..airdem for last night