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  1. Let me guess..... Zulu, you are in the middle of the last one as I write! Correct?
  2. Chief, I will call you next week, wai...! Igwe Chinedu Spike My dog is also called SPIKE. what are you trying to say?
  3. Sometimes, a man really meets an understanding woman. Zulu, It looks like you are blessed! If I ever meet Kwaku Manu, Bill Asamoah and Bishop Nyarko, I believe I will have a story for them that will make the Ghana Movie Awards. My ex has another baby now, and thinks I should be the one supporting the kid. Meanwhile the guy is around. "Nsem piii...." Why would this not make an interesting movie?
  4. Chief, I will call you next week, wai...! Igwe Chinedu Spike
  5. ....and don't feed the monkeys. ...seriously
  6. How have you been, DM? I really hope you see this one; more especially that life has been good to you. It has been too long.
  7. What Sleepless nights? Things are moving along, keeping looking....we will be back. Some things just take a bit longer. At the risk of some bloke coming along and telling me off, I would say take your time. What is the rush? And, Congratulations!
  8.     Culture, Unfortunately, at the moment, two!
  9. I know what it sounds like, but I am not like one of the ladies on this forum who maintain one number for each loving acquaintance. My situation just happens to have worked out this way........ 1. Personal land-line in US 2. Personal cellphone in US 3. Company land line 4. Company provided cellphone 5. MTN Ghana - personal 6. Airtel Ghana - personal Someday, I will have just one.
  10. Yes Zulu, I was dragged kicking and screaming into this modern communication era. I have had and been using cell phones for 14 years now. Check PM for all six phone numbers of mine.
  11. I know there are still a handful of people left in this forum with some love for moi! Send some money. I just had some gari potowee at my desk.
  12. Of all the moderators, one person stands out unchallenged. As I recall, he has patented the phrase 'I'll be back after my earl grey'. I can't help but wonder if SS has been taking lessons from him. Habaaa! Nana Igwe Chinedu Spike
  13. hm!
  14. Zulu, Is this a free score or one that counts towards a 'championship'? And, if I may ask? You said she has two. How many do you have? Is the father of her two kids in their lives?
  15. Poor girl....10 years, and you still haven't figured out that Zulu is a 'blogger'; all talk and no action.