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  1. well....woooooow!!heheheh.. wot can i say except that?? I have not been here for over a years. Bula Matali was the one who sent me birthday wish today, which reminded me of this place. So, wow...this place looks cool! Luvin'it.. Am out for now
  2. Tnx leila, urs was the best.. Grateful for welcoming me.. Nice to meet u :xba:
  3. u pulled my legs well then Just don't pull it too often :cop:
  4. Does it mean that the avatar was made for only that person.. The avator is there to choose from, u can just choose wotever u like.... Wots there to fuss abt? Nuffin really
  5. this is so funny! I can't believe u guys think like this... I happen to have that icon cause i have no cannot even believe am explaining ma self...hahahaha.... By the way, abt the mr. otua thingy, i happened to be listening to lord kenya at the same time i was setting up my profile. :hil: :hil: and i needed something that does describe yeah.... I am not necessarily evil but i don't like to be messed with. In addition to that, it's winter and the depression is getting to me..... I tend not to sound happy sometimes... now u guys got me explaining ma self.... :c2:
  6. :jam: i am right now :jam:
  7. lol :hil: :hil: ...hmmmm , I ain't a man, i just make ppl who mess with me my bitches :jam:
  8. hmmm ur right... i am gonna sleep now... feeling even more tired
  9. U mean scarted as in different posts or in one post like wot i am trying to start? It will be hard to find jokes that could be anywhere.... I miss a joke from Ghana.. i just remember them being very funny...extremely funny... hOPE I GET AT LEAST 5 FROM U GUYS OUT HERE.. will need them this christmas
  10. Hi guyz! Have kinda forgotten all the jokes i knew in Ghana. Can we just start sharing some jokes.... anything funny u can remember :cop:
  11. This is really a funny place! U got to have time to be writing msgs like this.... Got to hit the road.. Gonna do something sleeping feeling tired-----
  12. i made my name complicated... My name is simple.. And am not ewe... Fante, thank u...
  13. yeah...sure Just get the plane to Oslo airport and ask of ur bride to be...I will be there waiting, ready to be delievered to u.. :jam:
  14. Just where did u copied the poem? Well, it's lovely...tnx for having time to spend with me as well...Hope to meet some more ppl out here...everyone seem quiet
  15. errrr.... ok....Ur VERY friendly to each other in here Well, good choice with ur women... It's all good.