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  1. Yes I have many women styles in the adinkra shirts. My link
  2. Those are good points about capital, culture and business management. It's a challenge to start a business period especially if it's in another country. That being said I believe each one of these topics can be addressed with proper planning and one's willingness to submerge yourself into the culture and heartbeat of the people. I like to brainstorm and toss ideas around then I can eliminate certain ideas that wouldn't fit because of capital, etc. For instance I visited Sierra Leone and my guide showed me business opportunities that were needed for that specific countries needs, there were many but she showed me a sample of what could be done. So if anyone wants to toss out some ideas and have a brainstorming session please I would love to hear your ideas.
  3. I agree that you have an advantage in business if you have experience in a particular field but there are entrepreneurs that run many different types of businesses without being qualified for everything they do. The key is to build a team of people around you who have the knowledge that you lack. Ideas is where business is born if you can learn a job you can educate yourself in a particular business. If you have the passion for it you will learn the business.
  4. I was wondering what the best business would be to start in Ghana? What business do you guys think would be needed the most? Any ideas? Kindred Gear
  5. Thanks for the welcome, I'm surprised she didn't show any interest in the idea but I've learned never to stop based on one person's opinion. I've seen the symbols in the U.S. as tattoos and on other merchandise. I like what the symbols represent and I have found that other people do too. If you have a good idea I say go for it. Kindred Gear
  6. Thanks for the link to the photos. Now I can't wait to get to Ghana. Kindred Gear
  7. I new to the forum and heard there is a new mall in Accra. Has anyone been there? Do you know the name of the mall?
  8. I'm biased but I like to where my Adinkra T-shirts around town. I'm in the U.S. and people usually stop and ask me about my shirts when I'm wearing one. Kindred Gear
  9. I just tried the link it worked for me but here is the site url and another link. Kindred Gear
  10. Thank you very much.
  11. that's great but consider this: for the longest time, the people of ghana were a major traders of slaves...just something to think about...(i hope you're not going to ghana to get even??) in ghana, traditional slavery still goes on in the form of "abawa" but slavery is such a strong word to describe it. in places like niger, slavery is still recognize by the state but refuses to do anything: btw, welcome to the forum Thanks for the welcome, I do know that slavery exists still, and that some of us participated in the trade, but it is time to move forward and of course I hold no grudges and look forward to my visit to Ghana. Quite the opposite, after reading some of Ghanian history and learning about the Adinkra symbols, I was inspired to create something to pay homage to them. Look forward to participating in the forum and making the trip.
  12. Thank you I really appreciate your kind words.
  13. I been selling the t-shirts since 2007 that's when I opened the online shop. I've actually had a number of sales in Ghana, UK, and the US. Thanks for the kind words.
  14. Thank you for the welcome and the compliments on my t-shirts. I'm glad to be a part of this forum.
  15. Hello, I'm a American living in Las Vegas. I plan on making a trip to Ghana in the near future. I am a screenwriter and t-shirt shop owner. I consider all Africans to be my brothers and sisters because I was stolen from my people a long time ago. I'm interested in philanthropy and doing business in Africa and when I visit Ghana I will investigate and educate myself in my two favorite interests with hopes of participating in the development of Ghana. Kindred Gear