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  1. Anyone been following the miss world pageant? Any comments I'd like to congratulate lamisi on her outstanding representation in this year's miss world contest. your guinea worm coverage was well documented and you deserved to win the award! - you go gal, i'm ever so proud of you. keep up the good work for Ghana and for Africa -
  2. BST, I'm interested to know about this mmah, if indeed she isn't your mother. Tell those inquisitive ones amongst us all about this gal.
  3. following on from bula's topic discussion earlier i'm interested to know what classifies a good woman? what attributes do modern men find desirable and as such judges whether a woman is "good" or "bad"? Any comments................?
  4. Nice one bula....! watching the sun rise and sun set is on 'want -to-do-lifetime list' oh, and i mustnt forget sky diving - will be a daring thing to do considering i'm frightful of heights.- I like a challenge......
  5. thank you everyone......I am feeling very excited and particularly happy today! its feels great to be me today!!!!!!! its a joy to share it with the rest of you guys!!! :c2: :c2: :c2: have yourselves a happy day on me!!!!!! :kiss:
  6. faf-----its not wat u think u ----- u naSty!!!! i meant reading the comments pple like u post in the forum :bangin:
  7. good morning all, sorry for taking so long bula.... :xba: i have been browsing this site for som time.....i find it to be very interesting and infomative on many subject matters i particularly entertain myself before heading to bed or when i'm very bored during studies - i particularly enjoy reading all ur witty comments on subject matters - anywaz, nuf said later...........