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  1. Zulu, you made a comment 9 months ago and you were asked for clarification, is the above post your answer to it? It is you who is saying it is over and so kindly give us answers to your questions.
  2. I am still recovering!
  3. Why are we doomed? That is the reality and the truth! Why do you think Ghana is not working? Each man for himself and God for us all. Each and everyone is looking forward for his/her daily bread and don't care for mother Ghana.
  4. It is all due to breakdown of the social structure. The Minister in charge says he is not answerable to us but to the President and if so, then Bula is right. The Minister is waiting for word from the President.
  5. Slowly it is catching up with us!
  6. Bula, who is Norinrad? I thought he is now Silver Surfer?
  7. Is Silver Surfer a female?
  8. Happy belated birthday to you!
  9. Is Sweet Alonte, our Alonte of Old? Alhaji, how big are you to be able to change the way my wofase walks? Naa fuu!
  10. Dumsor has now taken over Ghana and playing games in all lives. It is slowly bringing the nation to a halt!
  11. I am still the old man I used to be and still love you all!
  12. Zulu how is the baby?
  13. I don't see why Mahama has to give his view on this. His view is not important than what the constitution says and that can only be interpreted by the Supreme Court.
  14. Still waiting!
  15. Hipic is not an old man, he is 'abrantie'! Bula is really getting old and i hope he comes to terms with that fact.