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  1. I like to know this too Zulu. Dumsor is getting worse now n seriously putting a lot of pple of going.
  2. Babies are good 2 girls now. Just waiting for a willing man who can produce boy for no 3.
  3. Knock knock, it me Ama. I love the new forum. Miss you all
  4. hehehe Zulu where are you
  5. we didnt get our usual flowers, what happened there Zulughana?
  6. Zulu, why is two wrong, come back here and explain yourself. b/t i miss you ....
  7. lol, catching up on what i have missed on gcf...
  8. She is not serious lol
  9. who is the other ama???? i miss you too
  10. is she pregnant
  11. miss you guys @GF
  12. wow, very nice, well done guys
  13. Sooooooooooooo when are we seeing his picture :whistling:
  14. Wofa lol