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  1. Yes. Am an old member who has come back to say hi. na mu hu ti sen?
  2. why would you want anyone to hook up with you? don't you already have enough on your plate? and why would I come openly and hook up if I wanted to? tweeaaa......
  3. such women are there my dear, just that we don't see them until their gone or sometimes we just don't open our eyes to see what we want to see. sometimes depending on what one is looking for in marriage, they loose focus on what is there.
  4. I miss bluehue, Ama, BULA and Nori. I even miss myself.
  5. sure its fun to watch, enjoy
  6. how about the fathers who try to show affection and end up molesting their daughters? some African men donnot know how to go about these things and it gets out of hand, u hear day in and day out how some fathers are sleeping with daughters all in the name of showing love and affection. i have seen a man aroused in holding and kissing her two yr old daughter.... isnt it strange?
  7. hahaha.............some look really horrible. come on Bula, do u think any lady will own up and say she works with this or that? seriously? i find it really funny...
  8. I must congratulate GCF on this project. You guys are doing a good job, continue..... sometimes i wish i could help but am still busy making babies so when am done, i will come around. cheers.
  9. put all jokes aside man,that position really rocks..
  10. Miss u all and wishing u a merry xmas..........
  11. kotokoli's grow long hair in the armpit and twist them into locks or even braid them. if ur from Togo and u dont know this then i suppose ur lost. go and ask ur grandma..... very funny topic..
  12. who is this guy anyway? i just ignored his invite. hey guys am alive ooooo.
  13. this is GMT (Ghana man time)
  14. venue: Chez Afrique location: East Legon Time: 4 pm till u drop Food: khebabs and some drinks. meet u there guys. unless maybe u have other options..
  15. happy belated my darling old man