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  1. Chief, I will call you next week, wai...! Igwe Chinedu Spike My dog is also called SPIKE.
  2. Nice movie it will be.
  3. Mbro i'm still in it with a K30 now. And the young lady is also putting herself into it professionally. Blend Moby and Bula for boys.
  4. Hmmm, this dumsor. My experience is something i will never forget.
  5. Doing great, how're about you and the family?
  6. I need to find time to come and read this long story......hihihihihi. Me luv "art of eating meow".
  7. Only Awuraaama reported? Phhhh!! .....we need more women. We are now the old men and you are the oldest. Find yourself a tree under and relax and leave us to take care of "our" nieces.
  8. Poor Boy!!!! You see how too much women can lead you to?.....Sad sad story.
  9.   "gari potowee" - what is this? Gari soakings.
  10.   Hi Leila, Thanks...been and trip is in August. Oops, so i was calling at the wrong time?
  11. Hehehehehe.
  12. First find out from the Immigration Service how does one can obtain a dual citizenship card in Ghana. After they have given you how to go about it, we will call the "contact" to also give us his/her version, and after we choose whom to give the small tip. Thats how it works in Ogyakrom.
  13. This girl is a joke. And besides that, can she offer the best to her man?