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  1. As someone has said, “Greatly different with traditional t-shirts, the designs t-shirts have been adapted to the new trends and become creative, fashionable and various and in.” Indeed, t-shirts have been personalized and are individual. We take the printed t-shirts for example. One of t-shirts' features is advertisement. However, the objects have changed from some cultures, to some stars they liked and now to themselves. They declare what they want to say or want to be with letters printed on t-shirts. For example, “I'M WITH DREAMY” t-shirts mean you're seeking for your dream, or your love or something. “Parental advisory” t shirt is a rebel to elder generation. If you want to be along or to be cool, wearing t-shirts with letters “YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US” or “DON'T TALK TO ME” is a good idea.