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  1. Writer, historian and PhD in Literature: all recently achieved after a long career as a PA in top media companies. I'm a perceptive, organised, analytical researcher. God knows I wish I had been better at maths, finance or science so that I could be as rich as the rest of you. Given the recession I might well become the first GC member who accepts as job as a road sweeper or dishwasher or toilet attendant.
  2. Are these photos of people going to a fancy dress party or real cross dressers?? Charle I've never seen anything like this in my life. Well obviously in Europe and US but Ghana??! Ha! Ha! Are they safe from the Christian brigade? I would have thought they would have been marching them out of town.
  3. My husband's relatives always seem to end up staying at our house. In fact I can't remember the last time we had the house to ourselves. Anyhow what gets up my nose is the way people come and live in our home as though I am their housemaid. Most guests of ours are male - they leave the loo seat up and leave pee around the rim; they eat the food I've cooked but leave the bowls in the sink, they leave their clothes all over the house, watch TV all night, hang out in the bath for hours...etc. You get the picture. Then they wonder why they can't keep their jobs, homes and wifes?! I'm like hello?? But carry on smiling charmingly for the sake of my wonderful husband. Seriously peeps recognise acts of kindness and try not to return it with complete disrespect.
  4. OMG Labiaplasty! You de craze or wot?
  5. I love riding my husband's yokohama without permission! And I hope he love's it too. The point is that i only ride it because the gearstick prods me in my back while both of us are sleeping and seems to find its way (if you know what I mean). I wake up and the rest is inevitable. This is the first time I have ever heard a man say that sex is overrated and that va va va voooom is not always appreciated! Learning something new.
  6. This skin bleaching nonsense has too stop. Colonialism did lots of damage the African woman's appreciation of self but thankfully the legacy of that seems to be challenged by some 'going-natural' stunners. India is the worst when it comes to these matters because of their caste system and traditional belief in blackness as bad Karma. Enshrined in their religion, and having an impact on their marriage choices this bleaching stuff is pernicious. Now they are worried about the colour of their punanis. Ridiculous. Women liberate yourselves.....sod the fake weave-ins and wigs and hair straightening and bleaching. You are beautiful in your own way. If you want to show your love of God, show love of yourself and the attributes he has given you. When you try to enhance them by becoming someone else you are merely insulting your maker. Natural hair rocks!!! I particularly like it when cropped short and I can see the beautiful shape of a woman's head. Black velvet skin is just pure luxury. Don't ruin it by turning yourselves into overcooked lobsters. So you get me point? Ha! Sorry for the long lecture.
  7. Thanks for the explanation. So now that more women are participating isn't it time to update the name to 'Men and Women'??
  8. Azonto is taking over the world. All the kids in London are doing it now.
  9. What's to say? You start us off........please. :-)
  10. My husband and I had a great sex life up until recently. I think he's tired (he works 7am to 10am) but that never used to stop him. So thanks for the above link. Have just bought 5 watermelons from Morrisons. If I see any improvement in his koti action I will let you know.
  11. Why is [and women too] bracketed as though they were an after thought. 21st century hello!!
  12. dragonofjapan I want to be your black slave. Please email me your address, date of birth, mother's maiden name and credit card details. Thank you.
  13. Zulu there is nothing to be done. Telephone sex is the best form of sex. Have you ever heard of telephone babies? No. Have you ever heard of telephone STDs? No. If anything you should encourage her. In fact feel free to give her my number.
  14. Greetings My Dear,

    I like your profile and i want us to be friends, email me at

    jessicaalex1111@yahoo.co.uk 'so that I can give you my picture. see you soon.


  15. Sir Puyol, Ewiase is spot on! I put money in my bra when I am going through areas which make me feel insecure. The idea is number one: because of the intimacy of the area, if someone did try to steal my money, I would be immediately aware of it. And two, it would not be as easy for a mugger to debreast me as it would be for them to relieve me of my handbag. And three, one would hope that even muggers have a degree of courtesy and would consider it a no go area. Four, I get a perverse pleasure out of putting money down my bra in view of onlooking men. Makes me feel sexy. hahahaha Oh lord don't know if I should admit to that. The question is: is there any logic behind this thinking?? Probably not.