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  1. Marriage is the beginning of the family and a lifetime commitment. It is also an opportunity to grow in selflessness as you serve your partner and your children. Marriage is much more than a physical union. It is also an emotional union of two people and two hearts. Marriage is a bond like no other. It gives a life partner, a friend to stand by you as you go through the challenges of life. The bond of marriage gives us the support to defeat that temptation by engaging in deep, satisfying love—a love that gives to, and receives from, our mate physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In view of this one has the right to ponder on how fast celebrities tie the knot and get divorced. Why do most celebrity marriages fail? No matter how much a couple loves each other, their marriage can fail for a good number of reasons. Below are the most common Extra marital affairs Losing interest Lost intimacy Shirking responsibilities Lack of appreciation In the case of celebrities, the failure of most of their marriages could be blamed on their fame. They do not have normal relationship like everyone. Every single detailed of their life as celebrities and married person is an open book, making it therefore difficult to handle issues in their marriages