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  1. Is she lesbo?
  2. Only ignorants believe homosexuality is western.
  3. We could compare a good lover to a bottle of wine. The moment you drink a glass of it, you can't wait to have more. And the time you spend together becomes irrelevant, because the older he gets, the better he tastes.
  4. Well if you can say you are decently intelligent, then I guess what it takes to be smart. I'll simply move to define what a good lover is from my own perspective. A good lover is not just someone who knows what he is doing, but someone you are connected with on every level: mentally, sexually and even intellectually. If there are emotions involved, then even better. I don't want to go into details. . .
  5. Even though you aren't a woman. I believe you can tell if you are smart and a good lover. Or don't you think?
  6. Uhm interesting. Since you are a man how would you classify yourself?
  7. Oh I am so sorry. But I always come back like the prodigal member that I am.
  8. Maybe it's just me but I have somewhat noticed that men who are above average intelligence make the best lovers. I have also noticed dumb guys are actually idiot, not only when they open their mouths but also when they have sex. Can we reason our way out of this? Over to the house.
  9. Does she want the koko? She had better learn how to cook.
  10. The magic word is "like". Similar but not the same!
  11. How can I get erotic with all these intruders around?
  12. I trust Bula to be in the first row.
  13. When the pleasure is too much...
  14. I don't see anything wrong with that. If she has the right body, make she flaunt am!!!
  15. Thank you!