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  1. Greetings My Dear,

    I like your profile and i want us to be friends, email me at 'so that I can give you my picture. see you soon.


  2. So what did you wear? why you will provide the dress, heard you have a closet full of dresses, shoes, lipsticks, bras etc etc you wear once in a while. anyway tchewwwww
  3. when was this sweetheart? CONGRATULATIONS.
  4. my dearest brother happy belated birthday.....
  5. now the women are contesting over publicity....
  6. Ewiase aaba, what kind of underwear is it then. hahahahahahahaaa
  7. ... when he will come back and take a go at Alhaji. Typical. hm People do change when the time is right afterall. .
  8. did u take these?
  9. Hey mind your words o. Because you've never text me, no Yahoo, Messenger and Skype. So watch out. Moby, dont bring yourself like some out-of-date blotting paper.... do you remember te last time i called you? do you remember why i said i was calling you? do you remember my final request before signing off? now to the crucial question....have you since called me back......? to make it easier for you, i will answer the question for you NO................................. now i hope you fully understand what i am talking about.. no Zulu why dont you tell us?
  10. OMG this is funy
  11. Eiee Ewiase, do i gather some hint of you taking sides? my wofasee said a lady can cry if "it" is huge. i said she has hit it on the head and you replied she has only confirmed to being inexperienced. wherein lies her inexperience? Good morning are you this fine saturday? i am merely trying to verify sweet Angels comment as one from her own personal experience or someone elses. since she hasnt verified that the floor still remains open on the question of experience. BTW...Moby has also confirmed this... hey are you? Zulu dear why dont you for argument sake make us try so we see if you can make me cry? besides it take long for me to really just thought u shld know.
  12. how old are you now? can you still "function?"
  13. Angel Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....are you serious.? let me tell you a story, hopefully it will teach you something. on second thoughts, i better not. i will give you a call instead. however i do want to mention that if you came across a tool and you dont know how to use it to your benefit (i.e so as to get maximum satisfaction from it) then please for heavens sake, take a trip to your local library and do some research. Zula paaaaaaaaaaaaa... are you serious too? let me tell you a story or better still a fact. going back its you who is inexperience and you dont gooooo to the library for research on such issues you EXPERIENCE IT. so get one then we can talk when u call
  14. some women cry during sex when they are having orgasm, or simply or a sign pleasure . dont forget it may also mean pain if the tool is huge...
  15. sweet please check in with your doctor, you are really close .